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For years we have been in the business of giving people the best deals on wine and giving them reviews that they can use. A group of wine enthusiasts, we have a hand picked staff of wine experts that have been importing and writing about wine for years. We are sure that when you come to our site, not only will you learn a thing or two about wine, but you will also be part of a community that has long been a staple of the wine industry in the area.

We are pleased to offer the services that we do to our readers, services that go beyond that of many other wineries and provide people with the tools that they need to make educated decisions about wine. Not only do we know which wines are the bet value, but we know which ones to pair with a variety of dishes. Our wine prices and wine gift prices are the best in the area and that is why we are confident that when it comes to wine and wine related gifts that you have found the right place.

Wine education

When you come here you can be sure that we have all of the information that you need to become somewhat of a wine expert. From the best wines in the area to the best wine gifts for anybody on your list, La Dolce Vita is where you go for the best information on wine and wine gifts.